Consol Jars with fun & funky lids

Cheeky new fun and funky twist off lids for Consol jars. 

Consol glass jars with fun and funky lids

The new Consol jars with fun and funky lids are a safe and sassy storage option for items ranging from chocolates and marshmallows to cosmetics and kids toys.

They come in different sizes with various coloured polka dot or striped lids- 200mls, 500ml as well as the 2L. 

The jars look neat and great on display filled with popcorn, pastas, rusks and cookies to storing anything like porridge, cereals and ointments. The funky lids add an energy and life to the room too.

The jars can be used as a gift or even a gift wrap - give a gift in a jar. For a creative, cost effective party pack - fill the jars with an assorted of jelly beans or Liquorice All Sorts – or match a Smarties colour to the lid. Whatever the consumption occasion – it’s a great gift and an even better way to store and display.

The jars are BPA-free – the glass does not contaminate or change the flavour of what it stores, giving us a healthy option to storage. While they are not airlock sealable, nor suitable for preserving, they will keep the contents fresh.

The jar ranges are dishwasher safe – but remove the lid before washing. Rather wipe them down with a damp cloth and dry.

Although the lids are not sold separately, the jars with the new lids are sold individually. Jars available at the Consol Shop in Woodmead and Stellenbosch. Also available from other selected retail outlets, prices range from R8.64 (200ml Broadway canister) and R43.37 (2L Store-It Jar) each including VAT.

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Sarah Baxter, Kidzworld 

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