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Great gift ideas for Mother's Day

By Lori Reardon

Aside from the usual bunch of flowers or choccies, what else would Mom appreciate?


Mothers day is a monumental day for some.  It's one day in a year that is dedicated to the very person who brought you life.  It's an amazing thing to consider, that your mom will know you exactly 9 months more than anyone else!  In honour of her, treat her to a day full of love, effort and appreciation for all that she does for you - no matter the age.

Here are some different styles of gift ideas for her:

Home-made gifts


Some may call these, from-the-heart gifts.  These can be made by children along with family members for the extra special gift which mother's hold dear to their hearts.

A family scrapbook.  Scrap booking takes time and care but it's something everyone can do.  Scrap booking shops offer basic courses.  You will need to take along some family favourite pics and attend a class or two to compile a meaningful and colourful memoir.  The nice thing about scrap booking is that they can grow and Mom will have great delight in adding a page or two herself.

Baby hand prints.  Capturing your little one's hand print at a moment in time, is something every mother will cherish.  There are a number of ways you can now do this.  This ranges from having a 3D image of your child's hand captured into a crystal ornament; having a mould made etc.  The more simple approach is to either paint the surface of your child's hand with appropriate non-toxic paint onto canvas.  The other option is to buy a plaster casting kit of your child's hand print.  Once it has set, you can frame it and keep it for a lifetime!

Treat box.  Put on those thinking caps and think of all the things Mom loves.  These can range from treats to bath products like bath salts and scrubs or a combination of both.  Using a pretty gift box, arrange everything nicely into the box and top off with a small helium "Mother's Day" balloon to make her feel extra special.

Garden flowers.  The only thing you need to buy is a new vase and some ribbon.  Once you have these items, venture out into the garden and find the prettiest flowers you can.  Ensure that you also include some bright greenery into the mix and carefully arrange the flowers in the vase.  Finish off by placing a ribbon around the vase and a "Made-by-me" card to top it off. 

Mothers Day cake.  Everyone has a birthday cake, so why not make a cake for mothers day?  Get the kids involved and find out what Mom's favourite flavour is.  Then get the ingredients; the tins and a fool proof recipe.  When it comes to decorating, go wild but ensure that it's tasteful and done with love.  Once the cake is ready to be served, get out the tray complete with tea & coffee and surprise her with your masterpiece!

Pampering gifts


I doubt there are many mothers who don't enjoy some much needed pampering.  Spa's are in abundance but a lot can also be done from home as well.

Foot & Hand massage.  Soak both hands and feet in warm water.  Add some lavender oil to the water and allow her hands and feet to soak for 10 minutes.  Dry the hands and feet with a soft towel and seated in front of her, place each foot on a cushion whilst you work on them.  Use either scented foot cream or warmed olive oil to massage her feet gently.  Try to aim for 10 minutes for each foot or hand.  She will love you forever! 

Send her to the spa.  This is the simple approach.  Hand mom a spa voucher for a full body massage; a pedicure and a facial.  The time away from home will be greatly appreciated and once she has been pampered and indulged, she will arrive home on cloud nine!

Buy her a plush robe.  With winter on it's way, a polar fleece gown or robe is a must!  Your mom will love taking her plush gift out everyday and putting it on to brace the chill. Every time she wears it, she will be reminded of who gave it to her and why. 

Send her for a makeover.  Mom's seldom have time to spend a day completely devoted to making herself feel the centre of attention.  They often neglect themselves and need a bit of help in the style department.  Either send them to a fashion stylist for some much need advice and then it's off to a hair salon; a good make up artist and a professional photographer to get some pics.  This will no doubt, be a day she will never forget!  The payoff is that you'll have a stylish mom who feels a million bucks again.

Indulgent gifts


Send her flowers.  As boring as this may seem to some, a women can't resist the pleasure of receiving a delivery of beautiful flowers.  There are so many online florists to order from and it's a convenient and thoughtful gift any mom will love.  Ensure to get something that your mom will like - roses; lillies and carnations are a good favourite.  Be sure to convey a thoughtful message to go along with the flowers.  The bet is that once your mom gets them, she will display them for all the world to see.

Take her to high tea.  High tea's have been around for decades but they're a classy indulgence your mom won't forget.  High teas are usually offered at boutique hotels and some of the more refined coffee shops, but they are a tailor made for you and include servings of tea accompanied by tiered platters of cupcakes, petit fours, sandwiches and mini quiches. 

Take her to a show.  Look out for a show your mother would enjoy and book tickets.  Establish if your mom would enjoy a comedy; a live comedian; a ballet or a musical.  Get the tickets and take her out for an evening of fun and pizzazz.  Spending the time together at a show will be greatly appreciated and will reveal your interest in her likes and hobbies.

A day at the vineyards.  If your mom considers herself somewhat a connoisseur of good wine, why not take her on a vineyard tour?  The Western Cape area have a variety of vineyards your mother can visit.  She will spend the day trying out different bouquets and learning the art of good wine tasting.  A great lunch is usually included in the tour and your mother love the experience.

Techno gifts


Send her on computer course.  Mom's often get so frustrated having to pick up the phone to ask you how they can swith on their ipad or the printer.  To ease her suffering and save her humiliation, send her on a computer course where she will master some tricks she may even educate you about!

Buy her a digital camera.  Mom's love taking pics, fullstop!  Whether it's photos of the kids, the grandkids, the dog or good old dad they love to snap away.  Top it off by sending her to a basic photographic course where she can learn to take some semi decent snaps and this may even open a doorway to a budding career or just a great hobby.

Bling bling.  Diamonds are a girls best friend, but bling will do!  Take mom's cellphone and have it professionaly blinged out.  If she's not keen, then perhaps the laptop.  It will certainly set her phone or laptop apart and she will love the glam look.

Mp3 or Ipod.  There is nothing better to stop the household noises from getting to you than by popping your Mp3 player on and the earpieces snuggly in.  Suddenly the kids fighting; the dog barking and the nagging husband will disappear into the abyss!  Nothing better..

Unique gifts


Unique gifts can range from something tangible to an experience based gift.  Here are some ideas we thought were quite imaginative:

Picnic time.  Take time to plan a picnic and venture out to a spot your mother will love.  Fill up the picnic basket with all sorts of favourites and ensure that you take along a comfy picnic blanket or outdoor camping chairs.  Spending the day together in the outdoors with a special lunch, carefully thought out will be greatly appreciated.

Magazine subscription.  Have you ever noticed just how much mom's love magazine's?  Discover your mother's favourite and buy her a year's subscription.  Every month as it arrives by post, your mom will have great excitement in receiving it.

Family photo shoot.  Organise for the family to have a family photo shoot.  Hire the services of a professional photographer and set a day when the family can get together for a day of fun and capture those memories.  Personal photo's are lovely, but good photographs are cherished for years to come.

Cupcake class.  Does your mother love baking?  If so, organise for her and some of her friends to do a cup cake class together.  The result is lots of fun; learning the art of icing and bringing home some delicacies which will wow the rest of the family.

Double sided mirror. A medial as this may seem, a good looking double sided mirror is a great gift for Mom.  The one side has a magnification which helps when doing eye makeup and possibly some much needed eyebrow plucking.  Many double sided mirrors look great as well and can be used purely for aesthetic reasons on a dressing table or in the bathroom.

A leather handbag.  Synthetic handbags are great but leather is extra special.  Buying a simple tote bag in genuine soft leather is something indulgent and pure quality.  It will last for a long time and will complete any look your mom has.

Well there you go, we think we have compiled some great gift ideas for mothers day this year.  Good luck in deciding but remember that the most important aspect of mothers day is to show appreciation, love and respect for the most important woman in your life!

About the author:

Lori Reardon is the content manager at Kidzworld.  She is mum to two feisty little boys and step mom to a son and daughter.  With both feet firmly on the ground, Lori has a degree from the school of hard knocks and is testimony to the idea of what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

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