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5 tips for taking great family holiday photos

by Charlene Louw

Capture timeless memories of your kids when they are happy and relaxed in holiday mode!

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  1. Get down to your child’s level

    Taking an image from above or below a child’s eye level can create a sense of dominance which is not always the feeling you want to create.  Bend those knees and take it at eye level even if it means you lay on your tummy on the beach (its fun after all!)

  2. Do not always ask your children to look at the camera.

    Their natural reaction is usually priceless.   Let them run to the waves and capture that moment. Be ready with your finger on the shutter button at all times.

  3. Look for the best light.

    When you are in full sunlight, use the pop up flash on your camera, this will decrease the amount of shadows on your subjects face.  Avoid shooting inside dark buildings. Even inside the house is usually too dark for photos without a flash.

  4. Move to a shady area

    The South African sun is very harsh and this will result in photos with kids or people with squinting eyes. So always try to move to a shady area if possible as shade also shows the lovely shine and brightness in the subject’s eyes.

  5. Always havecharged batteries and empty your memory card.

    There is nothing more disappointing as being on Table Mountain with a flat battery.


 About the author:
Charlene Louw is the owner of Charlene Louw Photography- specialising in maternity, newborn, baby, kids and family photography.

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