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5 simple ways to connect with your kids every day

by Cara Mullin

How to establish a healthy relationship with your kids during everyday routines.

Dad and daughter cooking

Spending hours of quality time together as a family is what many parents strive for, but due to our hectic lifestyles this is seldom achieved. Inevitably our good intentions for the New Year are railroaded by life’s daily demands!

Fortunately, you can establish a healthy relationship with your kids by connecting with them during everyday routines or tasks?

Here are some simple ways to do this:

In the morning

Either at the breakfast table or on the way to school, talk about at least 1 thing scheduled on each child's timetable that day. For example if your child has tennis, ask him questions about tennis. Which do you prefer, forehand, backhand or serving? What is your favourite game to play with your tennis coach? Who is your favourite tennis player?

On the way home from school (Or if your child is in a lift club, when you next see each other)

Ask each child to talk about their day. Find out the highs and the lows. Ask them to tell you what they are most grateful for that day.

Teamwork and appreciation

Let each child choose a chore they can help you with every day. Cooking, laying the table, making snack boxes or tidying the lounge. Show each child that she is an important member of the family team and that you appreciate her and her contribution to the household. Another way to encourage family teamwork is to let each child make a decision for the family at least once a week. Examples include: Deciding what is for dinner and setting a theme, choosing the game or movie on family night or perhaps where to go for the weekly family excursion.

Show your affection

Play a game, tell jokes, kiss, cuddle, laugh, tickle or snuggle together. Resolve any issues before going to bed. These moments of affection need not be planned but woven into daily routines such as bath time, family dinner time, reading together, bedtime etc.

Have a bedtime ritual

Kids love bedtime rituals. Ideas include reading a book together, making up a story or saying a bedtime verse or prayer. My kids ask me two questions, tell me two things and then they say their bedtime verse. This is followed by a kiss and a cuddle and then “lights out”. Although on occasion I have noticed my daughter reading under her duvet with a torch!

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

About the author:
Cara Mullin is a wife and a mom to two spirited children. She is the founder and owner of She loves animals, nutritious food, running, karate, photography, books, writing, psychology and nutrition. She is a strong supporter of life-long learning and never lets a day go by without learning something new or improving on something she already knows or does.

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