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MOM Diary is a highly recommended organisational tool for busy bee moms who would  like to hold on to their sanity.

MOM Diary review

Wow, I really love the new look Mom Diary.

The cover is feminine, yet not too “girlie” for me and I like the new choice of colours, particularly because turquoise is my favourite colour and this is the colour of the diary that MOM Diary sent me. Yay!

As a business owner and primary caregiver to my children, The MOM diary has proven to be an awesome daily organisational tool that caters for the various areas of my life I have to deal with. For example:

  • Business
  • School
  • Home
  • and of course ME!

There are pages to record important contact information (useful in case your cell phone battery suddenly dies – so Blackberry users will find this useful, hee hee, just kidding - or your cellphone gets turfed into the toilet by a toddler!) It’s good to have a backup.

The Mom Diary includes a business directory with useful contacts, a 1 page calendar view for 2014 and 2015, school holiday and public holiday dates, a 2014 and 2015 year planner and…..wait for it…..a monthly planner prior to each month for a quick view of the month ahead as well as a “To do list” and “Goals list” for the month ahead. This is the first diary I have had with pages allocated to these and I am finding them so useful. I might even be doing away with my “ideas notepad” I carry around too as there are so many extra pages in the Mom Diary for all my bright ideas – well at least I think they are bright, well I did at the time I thought of them. I love the idea of carrying less stuff around with me in the future, although with kids around that goal might not be close to achieving. Yes, I have one of those bags that my kids feel they have storing rights to and can dump anything from gummy paper wrappers to hockey balls in. Wait, my kids don’t even play hockey at the moment, how on earth did I end up with 2 hockey balls in my bag? I have no idea!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the Mom Diary has lots of blank pages for notes and ideas that are very useful for busy entrepreneurial brains where you can quickly jot down ideas and things you need to do before they disappear into thin air, or before you are interrupted for the 100 millionth time.

And there is more:

  • A page for a family photo collage
  • A goal setting wizard (A wizard with a wand at my command would be better but I will settle for this for now)
  • Gift list ideas and personal wish lists (Where I can note the above about needing the wizard)
  • Borrowed and loaned items (No more surprises 2 years later when someone returns something to you and you don’t remember ever having it in the first place or you forgot you lent it out and thought maybe your kids had hid it in that place where all your teaspoons, sellotape, scissors and Tupperware lids end up)
  • Budget planner (So you know when you need to up your credit card target…er, um I mean limit)
  • Plastic sleeve at the back for any items that need to be slipped in and kept temporarily until you have time to file them away properly
  • A page with safety tips and emergency numbers
  • Cheerful family friendly recipes with good quality pictures dotted through the diary
  • A lot of space at the end of the diary where I have stuck in my kids artwork and notes to mom about how much they love me. Useful to look at on challenging days for a pick me up!

The daily diary pages are 1 page per day and have space for appointments with half hourly intervals, space for important numbers, dates and or reminders, family and social appointments or reminders, a space for your goals and a reminder to write in 3 things you are grateful for today.

“Space” is what you are hearing over and over here. Lots and lots of space for stuff that moms pack into each day.

At the bottom of each page is an inspiring quote and if you engaged with Mom Diary on their Facebook page in 2013 you may have gotten your favourite quote published in the diary on your birthday – as I did!

Organisational tip:
As the emails come in or notifications from school come home, grab your MOM diary and pencil in the appointment or happening on the date immediately. Then file the email or note away. This saves you time from having to read the email or notice more than once and prevents double bookings – most of the time. Never agree to an appointment without first consulting your MOM diary!

MOM Diary is a highly recommended organisational (and coping) tool for busy bee moms who would  like to hold on to their sanity for as long as possible! Good luck with that!

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Review by:
Cara Mullin, founder and owner of, an online resource directory and ezine for parents. Cara has two creative, spirited kids plus a bunch of pets that keep her on her toes and constantly require food and attention! Her cat Sophie is the most demanding of the lot!

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