Reading skills


Picture Book or Chapter Book

When do you know your child is ready for chapter books?

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5 best science activity books for your child

Fun and interesting ideas and activities for your kids.

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5 games to encourage kids to read

Tips on how to encourage younger children to read.

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Benefits of taking your child to the library

Libraries offer more than finding books to read.

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3 benefits you didn’t know about reading

Reading is a gift; for you, for your child, for the future.

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Book games

Fun book games for kids

A novel way to get kids reading and excited about books.

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5 best gardening books for your child

Books that inspire kids and parents to be outdoors gardening and enjoying nature.

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10 best interactive books for your baby

Get your baby hooked on books with these interactive style reads for babies.

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Brother and sister reading together

Games to play to assist with reading development©

Games for kids to play to help them learn to read.


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Mom and son reading together

How to develop your child's reading abilities

Practical steps which can be taken at home to improve your child’s literacy skills.

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Young girl reading

Reading assistance at home

How to assist and encourage your child to read at home.

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