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Young girl holding a fruit pie

Cooking with kids

Top 10 reasons to teach your kids to cook

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Dad eating out with son

Keep your kids entertained when out to dinner

Great tips to help you with the challenge of eating out at restaurants when you have young children.

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Mom and child drawing together

Raise smarter, happier kids

15 things parents can do to raise smarter, happier children.

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How to use superheroes to teach life lessons

What child doesn’t love their favourite super hero?

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Child's feet in a river

5 simple ways to teach kids to go green

Easy ways to teach kids to lighten their carbon footprints.

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Breastfeeding - Then and now

Humans have been around for quite some time now, and so one would think when it comes to infant feeding and breastfeeding, we would have perfected it and by now would be doing everything right? Hmmmm… What could be further from the truth…?

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Making memorable moments with dad

Help your child spend a memorable day with dad on Father's Day.

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Ten things you didn't know about pregnancy

Thought you knew everything about being pregnant?

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5 tips for keeping dad involved in your pregnancy

How to encourage the dad's involvement in your pregnancy.

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Calming techniques for kids

Calming techniques for children

Useful calming techniques to assist your anxious child

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How to stop your stress affecting your child

Ways to prevent hand-me-down stress to your kids

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What causes stress in kids?

Understanding the causes of stress in your child

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How to help your child with changing schools

Help your child adjust to their new school

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Tips for photographing dads

Help for the budding photographer?

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How to manage a sick child at home

Do you have a sick child at home?

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Surviving the ordeal of immunisations

Tips on surviving the ordeal of immunisations!

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What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure in teens and children.

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Mastering maths skills

Why maths is so important

Why mastering math skills is so important for your child.

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Why should you be recycling?

Why should you be recycling?

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Ways to connect with your toddler

Improve the bond you have with your child.

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Mom's much needed makeover

Maxine's magic makeover!

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5 simple ways to connect with your kids every day

Establish a healthy relationship with your kids during everyday routines.

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How to deal with an overbearing granny!

How to deal with an overbearing granny!

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10 things gran should never say

10 things gran should never say

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Tips for modern grandparenting

Tips for modern grandparenting

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Emma O'Brien Photography - Pets

How to photograph kids and pets

Tips on capturing pictures of kids and pets by photographer Emma O'Brien.

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Family portrait

How to take a memorable family portrait

Handy tips to help you achieve that memorable family portrait.

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Family on the beach

Inspirational quotes for parents

Popular quotes about how to parent and parenting.

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5 tips for taking great family holiday photos

Capture timeless memories of your kids.

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Happy family

8 reasons to hang out with your kids more in 2013

The benefits of spending more time with your kids.

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The best toys that encourage a school going age child's development

The best toys that encourage a school going age child's development.

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Dad reading to sons

Talking about sex with your children

How and when to approach the birds and the bees talk with your children.

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The best toys that encourage a preschooler's development

A detailed list of the best toys that will encourage a preschoolers development.

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Young girl working on a computer

Predator-proof your child

Strategies parents can follow to protect their children from sexual predators.

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The best toys that encourage a toddler's development

A detailed list of the best toys that will encourage a toddler's development.

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The best toys that encourage a baby's development

A detailed list of the best toys that will encourage a baby's development.

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Eating GREEN

Go green, go vegetarian or support meat free mondays!

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Why local is lekker

Why we need to encourage "local is lekker" in our kids.

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12 Ways to recycle baby cots

12 creative, fun and useful ways to reuse baby cots.

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Grow with your kids

The benefits of gardening for children.

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Teen Mom Support Group

Teen Mom Support Group is a social support group for teenage or young mothers that was founded by Michelle.

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The Baby House

Cathy worked day and night for weeks converting the old servant’s quarters into what is called “The Baby House”.

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Ally Cohen - 4 A Kid

A showcase of mom entrepreneurs whose business ideas were inspired by babies or children.

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Yulande Roxburgh - Clever Little Monkey

A showcase of mom entrepreneurs whose business ideas were inspired by babies or children.

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Cam Shackleton - MooMoo Kids

A showcase of mom entrepreneurs whose business ideas were inspired by babies or children.

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My mean mum

A sweet note about a mom who set boundaries for her children to ensure they grew up to be honest, educated adults.

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Grocery shopping with preschoolers

Make a visit to the grocery store a learning experience.

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Top dog breeds for families

A list and descriptions of family friendly dog breeds.

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Raising drug free kids

Advice for parents on how to raise drug free children.

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Things you don’t have to worry about as a parent

Here is a list of some things that are actually good for your child despite what you may have heard to the contrary:

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Breastfeeding mom

Breastfeeding for healthy and happy babies

Breastfeeding tips for modern moms.


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Teaching positive thinking

Below are some tips that you can easily implement to develop this skill of positive thinking.

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15 important rules all nannies should know

A list of general ground rules we think all nannies should know.

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10 Tips for photographing your baby!

Tips on how to get natural baby photos by a family photographer passionate about photography!

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Nurture creativity in children

What is creativity and why parents should nurture creativity in their children.

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5 tips on how parents can take control of their lives

Are you feeling overwhelmed being a parent? Do you want to feel more relaxed and empowered raising your child?

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The pros and cons of hiring an au pair

A practical list of advantages and disadvantages of employing an au pair to look after your children.

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The Grateful Book

A simple, effective parenting tool!

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So you want to be a work at home mom?

6 step action plan to become a work at home mom.

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Raising unique children - "Free to be me"

Factors that contribute towards a child's individuality and how to accept and encourage a child's unique traits.

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Proof that moms can raise a family, work and still realise dreams!

Supermom Cizelle Lowe proves you can run a business, be a primary caregiver to your children and still realise your dreams.

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Preparing your children for a new baby sibling

Simple ideas to get your children excited about the new arrival of a baby sibling.

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Parenting styles

The definition of parenting styles, the different parenting styles and the consequences of the different styles for children.

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How to take fantastic newborn photographs

Some tips and ideas on how and when to capture meorable images of your newborn baby.

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How to nurture creativity in children

How parents can nurture creativity in their children.

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How to be your child’s emotional coach

Lose the naughty step, gain psychology super powers.

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Help! I am a step-parent!

Ideas and tips on how to build a healthy relationship with your step-children.

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Foster critical thinking in children

The importance of teaching children how to think and not what to think.

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The transition to motherhood - a reality check

First time mom? What to really expect.

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Emigrating with children©

How to prepare your children for emigration.

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Creative parenting

Creative parenting expert Nikki Bush suggests ideas for cheating time and being effective parents on the run.

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Can a child's name have an influence on her future?

A look at whether a child's name can spark social stereotyping and bullying, and if this social influence can affect her     profession and future success.

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Coping with the previous nanny

How to make the best of the overlap period when a new nanny starts and before the old nanny leaves.

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Tips on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an art to be learned by both mom and baby, and there are certain things that new mothers can do in order to make this bonding and nurturing journey easier and pleasurable for both.

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Breaking down the communication barriers with your kids

Tips on how to build a trusting, open relationship between you and your child.

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Are you guilty of favouritism in your family?

A look at the resulting behaviour of children when a parent identifies more with one child due to mirror image personality traits.

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Adaptable parenting

Adaptable parenting

One of the secrets to family happiness in these changing times is the ability to be flexible.

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Tips on how to be a fun parent

Those of you who need some inspiration, try the following to bring the fun back into parenting!

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Dad and son looking at each other

Fascinating facts about fathers

Interesting and fascinating facts about fathers.

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10 ways for dad to bond with baby

Tips for dads to help them bond with their baby.

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Mom reading to her baby

Child care options

What is best for your baby or child when you can’t be there?

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Kids and animals

Positive interactions between animals and children can promote the healthy physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional and social development of children.

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