Media education

Toddler pointing at laptop

The pros and cons of technology for children

Factors to consider before introducing your child to digital devices.

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Children and screen time

The effect of screen time on a child's development and a look at how much screen time children should have.

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TV and video game addiction in kids

Should children be protected from TV and video game addiction?


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Healthy media diet

The importance of teaching children to manage their media intake and tips to help them.

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Digital life skills for kids

How do you keep your kids safe online and encourage them to be good digital citizens?

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Introducing technology into the classroom©

The advantages and disadvantages of iPads or tablets in the classroom.

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Taming the television monster

How to wean your children off the television to reduce screen time.

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Tips to help your child get ad-savvy

By discussing brands and advertising with your child, you can help her decode adverts and equip her with critical thinking skills that will enable her to become a smart, informed consumer.

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What is the right age for a child to own a Smart Phone?

The advantages and disadvantages of Smart Phones for kids.

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4 safe social networking web sites for families

 Teach your children to become responsible social media citizens on these safe family platforms.

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