Health and safety


Teen stress a strong risk factor for headaches

Teen stress a strong risk factor for headaches

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Back to school safety

Taking your children to school for the first time

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Philips Avent pregnancy awareness

The Importance of Africa’s Newborns and Children

The importance of Africa’s Newborns: malnutrition, unnecessary deaths and the consequences of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.

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Breastfeeding mom

Becoming a mother after breast cancer

Dr Rayne of Netcare Breast Care Centre gives more insight and advice on breast cancer.

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First antenatal visits

The Importance of First Antenatal Visits and Classes

Antenatal care is an essential part of the pregnancy and should start when the pregnancy is diagnosed.

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Sleeping Student

How to get your child to sleep

An eye-opening estimated 70% of children are not getting enough sleep or enough quality sleep these days.

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Pregnant couple

Trying to conceive (from a guy's perspective)

Tips for men to get into tip top baby making shape!

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Pregnant working mom

Pregnancy and maternity leave in the workplace

The laws pertaining to pregnancy in the workplace and maternity leave after the baby is born.

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Sick child with temperature

Is it an emergency?

When to rush a sick child to the emergency room.

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Boy in hospital

Preparing your child for surgery

Elective surgery can be unsettling for your child.

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The lowdown on immunisations

All you need to know about immunisations.

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Doctor examining baby

Choosing the right doctor for your baby

Making the right choice about your child's doctor.

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Outsmart a hijacker!

Tips on preventing and handling a hijacking situation.

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The effects of crime on a child

Crime and it's effects on a child.

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How to know if your child has a weight problem?

How do you know if your child has a weight problem?

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Why exercise is good for your child

Why exercise is good for your child

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10 tips for talking to kids about their weight

How to deal with this sensitive, yet important issue.

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Teen girl dieting.

Eating disorders in children and teenagers

Eating disorders amongst children are on the rise!

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Pregnancy myths - Is it safe to..

A helpful guide to the do's and don't during pregnancy.

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Taking the birthing world by calm.

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Delayed cord clamping

Understanding the concept of delayed cord clamping.

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Sleeping child

Chiro success for sleep issues

How chiropractors can help kids with sleeping problems.

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Middle ear infections 101

How middle ear infection impacts language development.

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Little boy on the beach

Summer safety tips

Keep your family safe this Summer by following these tips.

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How to design a baby nursery

Tips to help you design a safe and effective space for baby and you.

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cChild with headache

Chiro's relieve kids' headaches

How chiropractors can help kids with headaches.

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Mastitis and blocked ducts

The cause, the symptoms and what to do about mastitis and blocked ducts when breastfeeding your baby.

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Mother and daughter smiling

Keep your kids teeth healthy

Simple tips for parents on keeping their kids teeth healthy.

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Choosing safe family skin care products

The importance of reading product labels before you buy.

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Clean your home green

Is your home environment healthy or hazardous? Why you should choose green cleaning products to keep your home clean.

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Girls cleaning their teeth

Caring for your child’s teeth

How to care for your child's teeth and what a dentist wants you to know.

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Educating children about crime

What should you teach your children to prepare them in case a criminal incident occurs?

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How to tell if your baby is too hot or cold

Tips for parents on monitoring their baby's temperature.

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Teething baby

Teething remedies

The pros and cons of various methods of easing teething symptoms.

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Teething baby chewing on blankie

Does teething cause illness?

Can teething cause anything else besides teeth?

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Baby with a health professional

Chiro’s help colicky babies

How chiropractors can help a baby with colic.

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Mom giving daughter a piggyback

How to increase your energy levels

Need more energy? Here are 15 ways you can boost your energy levels.

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14 effective tips for sun protection

80 percent of our total lifetime sun exposure occurs during childhood and sunburns early in life increase a child's risk for skin cancer later in life.

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Preventing flu in winter with homoeopathy

How to protect your children and yourself against winter illnesses.

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Why cloth nappies really are better

Reasons why cloth nappies are better for the environment, your baby and your budget.

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The benefits of reusable nappies

Why converting to cloth nappies is the modern mother's choice.

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What is Rotavirus?

Can it be prevented by vaccinations?

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What is cord blood and can it help your baby?

What is cord blood and can it help your baby?

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What is a doula?

Reinstating the rights of women to have a positive birthing experience.

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Using diet to combat constipation

Understanding the importance of fibre during pregnancy.

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Pregnant working mom on the telephone

Tips for pregnant professionals

Tips for coping with pregnancy and nausea whilst working.

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The Doula advantage

A description of a doula and the benefits of having a Doula at your baby's birth.

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The benefits of daily exercise for children

We all know that exercise is important for a healthy mind and body, but how important is it?

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Childproofing your home

Safety and making sure that accidents do not happen inside the home.

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Pool safety tips

How to keep your pool area safe for children to prevent accidental drownings.

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Outdoor safety guidelines for children

Safety guidelines for children playing in the garden around water, in the park and in the sun.

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Managing fevers

Understanding why fevers occur and how to manage them in children.

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ICE campaign - In case of an emergency

Store the number of an emergency contact person on your cell phone under the name "ICE" (In Case Of Emergency).

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How to remove chlorine from your baby’s bathwater

The new Crystal Ball™ 3000 Dechlorinator for the Bath gives 99.7% chlorine-free filtered bath water in minutes.

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How much exercise do children need?

Guidelines on how much physical activity children require daily and the type of exercise that yields long term health benefits.

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Homoeopathy for children

The natural alternative.

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Headaches linked to sleeping problems in children

How to help your child and when to see a doctor.

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Dealing with trauma

How to help children make sense of a traumatic experience and understand the emotions they experienced.

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Crime prevention tips for your nanny

Educate your nanny on how to protect themselves, your children and your things.

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Children dealing with grief and loss

How to understand and help children through the grieving process.

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Children and eye fatigue

How to reduce tired, puffy eyes and how to preserve healthy sight for life.

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Children and divorce

Basic guidelines that can be followed in order to make the divorce process as easy as possible for children.

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Child car seat safety is a must

Simple car seat safety principles.

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Best buys for eczema

Learning what triggers a flare-up and how to avoid those irritants is the key to managing eczema.

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Babysitter Checklist

Contact list to leave with your babysitter, emergency numbers and bed time routine reminders.

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Baby skin challenges

Common skin problems that occur in the first year of a baby’s life and how to alleviate the symptoms.

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Baby Eczema

What is atopic eczema and how can it be controlled?

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Antibiotics overuse

Antibiotics are life-saving tools, but their overuse is dangerous. Guidelines for when to use (and when not to use) antibiotics.

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