Mom kissing her sleeping baby

10 baby sleep myths (2)

Here's the truth about the most common baby sleep misconceptions.

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Animal - assisted therapy history

A brief history of animals used in therapy in chronological order.

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Finding your child's passion

The story of Gillian Lynne.

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Is your child shy?

Learning to overcome being shy

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Little girl crying

Separation anxiety in children

How to deal with separation anxiety in babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

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What is your child's love language?

Understanding your child's unique love language so that you can effectively convey unconditional feelings of respect, affection, and commitment.

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Occupational therapy

Does my child need occupational therapy?

A list of developmental problems in children that can benefit from occupational therapy.

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Speech therapy

Does my child need speech therapy?

A checklist of warning signs to help parents work out if their child may need speech therapy.

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Preschooler writing

Midline crossing

An explanation of crossing the midline in relation to a child's development.

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A playground - an investment for the future?

The developmental benefits of playgrounds for children.

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Preparing your child for change

Useful tips on how to prepare your child for change.

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Discovering your child's talent

Does your child possess a hidden talent?

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Complex learning disabilities

Help for understanding complex learning disabilities.

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Moody boy

Anxious, moody and whiny children

Tips for parenting anxious, moody and whiny children.

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Handwork promotes learning in children

How handwork can benefit your child's brain and fine motor development.

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Chewed pencil

Does your child chew on her clothes and pencils?

Why some children chew and what to do about it.

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Tips to encourage verbal language development in your baby

Ten tips to help you make the most of this pre-verbal stage and assist your baby on her road to talking.

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Little girl doing gymnastics

Sensory Integration (SI) and Sensory Integration Dysfunction (DSI)

How to determine if your child has a sensory integration dysfunction.

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Scared child in bed

Anxieties and fears

Things that go BUMP in the night: Helping your child deal with fear and anxiety.

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Exploring toddler

Toddler learning activities and tips

Simple tips on how to encourage your toddler to learn and make sense of the world around him.

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Group of friends

Children and peer pressure

Encouraging resilience to peer pressure.

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Perfectionist children

Tips and strategies for parenting perfectionist children.

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Animal - assisted therapy

How animals can help special needs children.

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Upset child

When fear becomes phobia

Causes and types of phobias and when to seek treatment.

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Shy girl

Shy children

How can you help your shy child?

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Angry girls

Aggression in children

How to teach children to tame their aggressive instincts.

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Crying toddler in cot

Night terrors

Why children have night terrors and how to prevent them.

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Assistive technology

How technology can help special needs children.

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Baby sign language

Baby Sign Language has proved beneficial across the world in allowing parents and children to communicate earlier than would be possible with spoken language.

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Childhood friendships

Why childhood friendships are vital to your child's development and growth and how you can encourage good relationships.

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Communication skills

The importance of communication skills to succeed.

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Young boy cutting with scissors

Establishing dominance and crossing the midline©

The establishment of dominance, bilateral integration and crossing the midline.

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Dealing with separation anxiety

Games to play to alleviate separation anxiety and tips for dealing with this natural distress.

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Baby chewing on blanket

Developmental milestones for a 3 month old baby

Guidelines for what the average baby can do at 3 months.

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A mom playing with her baby

Developmental milestones for a 6 month old baby

Guidelines for what the average baby can do at 6 months.

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Baby walking whilst holding onto a parent

Developmental milestones for a 9 month old baby

Guidelines for what the average baby can do at 9 months.

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Toddler learning to walk

Developmental milestones for a 12 month old baby

Guidelines for what the average baby can do at 12 months.

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Sisters reading together

Developmental milestones for a 15 month old toddler

Guidelines for what the average baby can do at 15 months.

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Toddler drawing

Developmental milestones for a 18 month old toddler

Guidelines for what the average toddler can do at 18 months.

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Promoting emotional intelligence in your children

Tips for raising emotionally intelligent children.

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Toddler walking down stairs through a garden

Developmental milestones for a 2 year old toddler

Guidelines for what the average toddler can do at 2 years.

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Small boy riding a tricycle

Developmental milestones for a 2 and a half year old child

Guidelines for what the average child can do at 2 and a half years.

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Sibling girls playing with a toy truck

Developmental milestones for a 3 year old child

Guidelines for what the average child can do at 3 years.

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Boy climbing the ladder on a jungle gym

Developmental milestones for a 4 year old child

Guidelines for what the average child can do at 4 years.

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Young girl playing with a ball

Developmental milestones for a 5 year old child

Guidelines for what the average child can do at 5 years.

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Unhappy boy writing

Does your child have a learning disability?

How to tell if your child has a learning disability.

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Two children doing arts and crafts

Encourage creativity development in children

Play is the creative work of a child. It is the process that’s important, not the end product.

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Mom, dad and baby laughing together

Encouraging your baby to talk

Tips on how to encourage speech in your baby and pointers on seeking help concerning your baby's language development.

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Equine assisted therapy

A versatile, empowering and non-threatening model of therapy.

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Young child writing in a book

Fine motor play and development

Games and activities that you can try to strengthen fine-motor coordination in a fun way, for you and your children.

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Toddler searching the globe

Foster critical thinking in children

The importance of teaching children how to think and not what to think.

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Unhappy boy hugging his mom's waist

How to be your child’s emotional coach

Lose the naughty step, gain psychology super powers.

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Happy mom and baby cuddling

How to stimulate your baby's brain from an early age

Simple things that a parent can do to help ensure your child is equipped to deal with the challenges that face her.

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An explanation of high and low self-esteem and how to boost your child’s self-esteem.

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Sleeping infant

Sleep and your newborn baby

Facts about what to expect from your newborn baby with regards to sleeping and waking at night.

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Boy dressed up as a superhero

Superheroes and children

A look at how continued exposure to superheroes on TV and in the movies affect children and their behaviour.

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Teenage girl playing a flute

Teens and creativity

The importance of creativity for teens and how to inspire your teen to be creative.

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A calm sleeping baby

The importance of a calming bedtime routine for babies

The ideal bedtime routine for establishing good sleep habits for your baby and toddler.

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Young boy taking a photo

The benefits of hobbies for kids

The benefits of engaging in a hobby and how to encourage your child to take up a hobby.

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The importance of play for development

Gross motor activities that can help a child stimulate and strengthen his muscles.

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Children playing on bouncers

The value of play for children

The benefits and value of child-directed and open-ended play that focuses on the process and not the end product.

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