Activities and fun


Paper Mache Bowl

Fun to make and a lovely decoration to keep.

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Grass Head

Make the grass head, keep watering it and watch it grow

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DIY Lip Balm

DIY lip balm for the girls to make and use.

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Paper bag design game

Great party game to keep the kids entertained.

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Indoor Bubbles

Indoor bubbles is a great activity to keep the kids busy if they need to stay indoors.

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Salt playdough

Playdough recipe for the kids to make and play with. 

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Spider Pompoms

Fun spider pompoms for kids to make.

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Heart String Art

Let the kids get creative with this fun string art activity that can be done indoors or outdoors.

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Spooky piñata

Spooky piñata to make for a fun birthday party.

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Piggy Bank

Homemade piggy bank for kids.

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Spring outdoor activities for kids

Nature activities for kids to do whilst on a family picnic.

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Spring picnic birthday party ideas

Ideas for a kids spring birthday party in the garden.

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5 best family games for the dinner table

5 games that will help make family meal time fun, entertaining and memorable.

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Beautiful Autumn leaf art

Fun and easy leaf art activities for kids

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Bird feeder with gelatine ad bird seed

How to make 4 easy bird feeders

Easy projects for kids to make to attract birds to the garden.

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How to make bath time fun for your baby

A few tips to make sure your baby always looks forward to bath-time.

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Balloon ping pong

Fun indoor activities for kids

Kids will enjoy these indoor games and activities during winter when they are house-bound.

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Goalie kicking soccer ball

Soccer printables and games for kids

It's 2014 World Cup time! Here are some soccer printables and games for soccer mad kids!

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Girls playing with bubbles

Backyard bubbles

Homemade bubble solutions and bubble wands for kids.

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Playfort and reading tent

Easy DIY playhouse or reading tent

An easy way to make fun garden playhouses for your kids.

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Grow your own mini Jurassic Park activity

Grow your own mini Jurassic Park!

A fun way to teach kids about dinosaurs, root vegetables and plants.

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Button cookies

Button cookies

Easy to make and fun button cookie recipe for kids.

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Family riding bicycles

Affordable family holiday activities

35 kids' holiday activities that won't break the bank.


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Toddler boy playing with Lego

Ways to help your child with maths

Ideas on how to help your child develop maths skills.

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Fun maths games

Fun maths games for kids!

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Easy to make personalised bookmark

A personalised bookmark to encourage your little reader!

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Garden games for kids

Garden games for kids

10 activities for kids to do in your back garden.

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Ice Art Craft Activity

Ice art

Kids will enjoy making ice ornaments this winter with items collected from your garden.

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Pick your own farms

Pick your own farm and orchard guide

A fun, good and wholesome day out for the family.

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Help 2 Read

Family games for holiday fun

Fun educational games for expanding your child’s knowledge and vocabulary.

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Gifts in glass – Plants and decor

Gifts in glass – Plants and decor

Inspirational plant and decor gifts packaged in glass.

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Confectionary gifts in glass jars

Gifts in glass – Confectionary

Inspirational ideas for making edible gifts packaged in glass.

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Gifts in glass – Sweet treats

Gifts in glass – Sweet treats

Inspirational ideas for making sweet treat gifts packaged in a glass.

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Gifts in glass - games and activities

Gifts in glass – Colour, fun and games

Inspirational ideas for making fun gifts packaged in glass.

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SA flag and soccer ball cake recipe

A fun and yummy recipe to make a SA flag and soccer ball cake!

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Heritage Day outside with dad

Fun things to do with dad this Heritage Day!

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15 ways to make recycled toys

Recycle trash into fun, exciting toys that won’t cost you a cent!

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Boy and dad laughing on the floor whilst playing with blocks

Playing with your children

Guidelines that will enhance play and quality time between you and your child.

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Family picnic checklist

A simple and practical family picnic checklist to help remind you not to forget the necessities.

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Mini Olympic Games ideas for kids

Ideas that will help you and your family enjoy the fun and games of the Olympics.

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Playing with food!

Make eating fun for your kids with these fun and easy snack ideas, great for encouraging picky eaters.

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6 best toilet paper roll activities for kids to do

Instead of throwing the loo rolls away why not let your kids make crafts out of them!

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10 masking tape activities for kids

It’s fun, cheap and easy to clean up afterwards.

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The Erin Hat©

A wonderful knitting pattern for a kids beanie - The Erin Hat ©.

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10 winter inspired activities for kids

10 fun winter inspired activities for kids to do.

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10 fun activities for kids to make with food

A list of 10 fun activities for kids to make with food.

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Homemade play dough ideas

Play dough recipes for kids to make and enjoy.

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Easy knitting patterns for kids to do

A list of fun and easy knitting patterns for kids to do.

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Crochet patterns for kids

Fun crochet fingerless mittens and scarf patterns for kids to make.

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Winter recipes for the whole family to do

A list of fun and easy winter recipes for the whole family to do.

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Baby teether

Baby toys to stimulate your baby

What are the right baby toys to purchase for your baby?

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Campfire bread recipe for kids

A delicious campfire bread recipe for kids to make and enjoy around the campfire.

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Campfire songs for kids to sing

A list of fun songs for kids to sing around the campfire.

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Campfire tools for kids to make

Campfire tools for kids to make- ages 8 and up.

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Easy campfire recipes for kids

Some fun, easy and delicious campfire recipes for kids.

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Kids and camp fires

Kids and camp fires: a childhood must.

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Plastic animal toys

Critical thinking activities for preschoolers

Help develop critical thinking skills in your child with these fun and entertaining activities.

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Children playing chess

Critical thinking games for children

Help develop critical thinking skills in your child with these games.

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Finger painting

Easy finger paint recipe for toddlers

Try this easy and natural recipe for finger paints to keep toddlers busy and active.

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Kids cutting cookies

Kitchen activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Turn mundane chores into a learning experience for children.

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Outdoor activities for kids aged 6-10

A list of outdoor activities for kids during the winter months.

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Little girl with a butterfly on a stick

Plant a butterfly garden

A fun and educational activity to enjoy with your kids that will contribute towards the conservation of local species.

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Toddler playing with play dough

Play dough recipe

Easy to make play dough recipe. Hours of fun for the kids!

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Punched-tin lantern

How to make a punched-tin lantern.

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Young girl with soccer ball

Sports should be fun!

Sport should be something that assists in a child's development and should be something she loves to do.

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Steel jungle gym

The value of jungle gyms for children

The benefits of having a jungle gym for your child to play on.

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Vanilla cookie dough recipe

An easy cookie dough recipe for kids that is great for using cookie cutters to shape.

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Metal jungle gym

Why is a jungle gym a great investment for your child?

An outline of the safety and developmental benefits for investing in a jungle gym for your child.

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Young girl playing dress up

5 best free child games for your preschooler

Just playing simple free child games, your kids will get all the stimulation and encouragement that they need to get the best start.

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