Nutrition and recipes

Get your child hooked on cooking

By Christine from Moms Little Chef

How cooking can educate children and encourage them to eat healthier.


Getting toddlers to eat, let alone to eat healthy food must be every mum’s daily battle!!

We as parents need to come up with a cunning plan to get our kids hooked on cooking so they'll come to add food appreciation to their many talents and learn to love green things. Impossible you may think, but not entirely…

The thought of young children whipping up a meal in your kitchen can strike fear in the hearts of most parents which is why cooking classes provide the ideal solution to this problem.

If we understand that food choices and eating habits are learned from many sources; home, school, friends, grandparents to name a few, then why not entrust an environment tailored to trying to make these eating choices healthy ones? All cunningly hidden around having fun and being creative; and you don’t have to clean up afterwards!

Cooking can be used as a format to teach different things so it’s really more than just allowing your kids to play with their food – which is the added bonus!

  • Scrubbing, chopping, pouring, mixing, shredding, squeezing, measuring will all enhance your child’s gross and fine motor skills.
  • They’ll practice listening and following directions by reading through the recipe, gathering ingredients and following step by step instructions.
  • Producing ‘good looking’ food himself and for himself will give him a great sense of achievement and pride.
  • It also introduces these growing gourmets to cooking vocabulary and techniques, tools and utensils, basics of etiquette, nutrition, safety, kitchen math and the opportunity to experience new foods and new tastes!

  • One of the greatest ways in which children learn is through the five senses, namely touching, seeing, smelling, listening and tasting. The kitchen provides the perfect location for stimulating these senses and becoming safety conscious.

Let’s get our kids hooked on cooking today!


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