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Targeted audience

Through ongoing marketing strategies, search engine optimised pages and quality fresh content we continually attract new and repeat visitors looking for family and parenting resources in South Africa. By listing your family related product or service in the directory, you can tap into this target market.

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Easy to set your budget

Simply choose your plan and contract period suited to your budget. 4 plans available for directory listings and a standard cost per impression rate available for banner advertising. No need to worry about complicated bidding rates that keep changing!

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Easy to see your directory listing live 24/7

Your listing will be visible 24/7 in our directory within your chosen contracted period. No need to decide when or to whom your advert should appear.

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Manage and monitor your own listing

You can log in and load up your directory listing or update an existing one. You can view how many times your listing page has been visited, and see when your listing expires.

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Usability's layout, colours, fonts, navigation and advanced search functionality has been carefully and purposefully designed to ensure an easy and successful user experience. In other words, it is easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and enjoy the visit. This not only keeps visitors returning to but also ensures they tell their friends about the web site through word of mouth and social media marketing. This results in more traffic on the site and more visits to your listing if your product or service is what they are looking for.

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Search engine visibility

Links from a high traffic site improves your search engine visibility. You get a full page with targeted key words, titles and content unique to your business or brand.

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Online marketing and copy writing experience

Delivering the right message to your target market in the right way is crucial for a successful marketing or advertising campaign. Fortunately, the Kidzworld Team has 10 years of online marketing and digital copy writing experience. You can read and follow our suggested layout and content tips and your listing will be checked by our directory editor before it goes live.

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Non intrusive advertising is positioned and marketed as a family resource and directory web site. Parents in the buying mode happily and willingly visit and browse through looking for family related products and services. "People don't like to be sold, but they like to buy." - Jeffrey Gitomer. Yes, visitors to this web site are more likely to buy as they are not being harrassed by intrusive advertising or annoying cold calls. List in the directory so they find you, deliver the right information as quickly as possible through your listing and make sure you answer your calls and check your emails!

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Listing on works

Testimonials from clients:

Wiggle Worm Interiors -  3 July 2012
I must say I am so happy that I have advertised on your site, the response has definitely been worth it! THANK YOU 

Jolly Tots Pre-School - 25 April 2012
Thank you so much, your service has been excellent! Truly a pleasure doing business with you guys.

Kiddies Fantasy Costumes - 18 April 2012
Kidz world has grown my business in leaps and bounds. Thanks Kidzworld Team

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