Digital copywriting service

Are you marketing to moms? Do you require engaging content for a digital platform to connect moms with your brand?

Hire us to write it for you!

What will it cost you?

Online copywriting rates for digital media including researched keywords:

  • Website content copywriting R300 per hour
  • Online marketing articles R300 per hour
  • Meta Tags (Title tag, description tag and keywords) R60 per web page

Online proofreading rates:

  • Copy editing for web sites and online marketing articles R250 per hour

For exact pricing on your digital content contact us to discuss.

Why pick us to write your content?

Kidzworld writers have been writing digital copy for moms since 2004, therefore they:

  • Have 8 years experience in writing for moms on a digital platform;
  • Are no strangers to researching the latest parenting trends and expert advice;
  • Are moms writing for moms and have first hand knowledge of their target market;
  • Are versatile multi-taskers used to slotting into all types of roles - humorous, informative, practical and inspiring!
  • Love words and word play!
  • Love writing about how wonderfully wonderful moms are. (This is a hint by the way on the best way to engage moms if you don't have a supply of cute kitty and baby photos on hand!)

Contact us to discuss your project. We love chatting too - being moms.

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