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Super Reader specialises in personalised storybooks for children.

Super Reader personalised books are unique, hard bound glossy cover books that feature your child as the main character of the story.

Give your child a head start in literacy with an educational personalised storybook they will read for hours.

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Through our books you can teach your child the importance of positive lifestyle choices, putting others first, being thankful  or  fulfilling their dreams.

  • Our books are written with positive messages for your little one
  • Our books make excellent gifts and are sure to become treasured keepsakes.
  • All books are R150 each (incl postage).

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Reading is exciting when you are the star of the story!


Special Delivery
A beautifully illustrated baby book becomes a unique way of treasuring your child's birth and makes an adorable, life-long family keepsake. The story records all the special details of your child's birth but is presented using cuddly characters like "Topper the Turtle", "Squeaky Squirrel" and "Bouncy Bunny", all of whom will keep this book interested for your baby, even when they're not a baby anymore.

Ballerina Princess
Every little girl who takes ballerina classes will love to be the lead ballerina in the ballet. Ballerina Princess tells the story of your child practicing all the ballet movements that all young girls learn in dance class. Everyone is preparing for the ballet, to support the guest ballerina in the ballet. Your child steps into the lead role when the professional ballerina gets sick and can't perform. Your child saves the day and gets a standing ovation! Personalized throughout, this book was illustrated by a Russian Artist, and will become a favorite keepsake of every budding ballerina!

Big Circus
"Step Right Up and See the Show” as your child leads the big circus brigade. When one of the clowns gets sick, your child is asked to take his place and lead the circus through the Big-Top on the back of Big Ben the elephant. Lion Tamers, Trapeze Artists, Stunt-Clowns, and trained seals can’t steal the show from your little boy or girl. This is their moment to be a part of the Greatest Show On Earth!

My Book of Prayers
When you talk to God, it’s called praying...This lovely non-denominational book helps children learn how easy it is to pray. Your child will learn that he or she can pray to God anywhere they go in this whole wide world that He has made. The book will help them find the words to say when they want to thank Him for all He does for us throughout the day. It also includes some beautifully written prayer poems. This beautiful inspirational book is a must have for every young church-going child!

My Farm Adventure
Your child is a famous detective hired by the farm animals to help locate their missing friend. Dasher Hound the dog, Harriet Holstein the cow, Penny Pig, Charlene Chicken and others gather together to find out where Rooster has disappeared to. Without him the whole farm falls apart. After discovering that your child is a world-class sleuth, they employ him or her to put on their thinking cap. After analyzing the evidence, talking to witnesses, and studying the lay of the land, your child finds Rooster and discovers why he is so important to the rest of the animals.

Mother Goose
The classic nursery rhymes with your child's name as part of the rhymes mixed with full page illustrations. Mother Goose is a treasured memory for children who grew up to her rhythmic tales. Now, Mother Goose is even better. This personalized book version includes your child as a character in the rhymes made famous by Mother Goose!
This children's book is an ideal gift for children celebrating their birthdays or attending their first day of nursery school. This hardcover Mother Goose book is a lasting memento that your child will surely cherish forever.

Mother's Day Special Book
This personalised book is a touching 'Thank You' for little ones to present to Mothers and Grandmothers, as well as birthdays for both Mothers and Grandmothers. Included is a dedication page and space for photographs and messages. A5 size +/-36 pages, R150 each(excl postage).
Available in child and adult child versions

Sample Text
"Mom, we'd like to buy you the best treat in the world. We'd like to let you know just how sweet we think you are when you hug us, play with us, and read us stories.
We'd like to give you your every wish!
But the sun and the moon are too far away, and flowers wither quickly. Magic wands only exist in fairytales, and we're afraid that our erasers are only good for rubbing out mistakes on paper.
Even so, we know that a kiss and a very big, "We love you, Mom!" can make you smile with happiness."

My Birthday Wish
What a great way to celebrate this special day! With all the possible wishes, it's better being yourself than wishing to be somebody else.

My School Fun Book
This is an activity book that shows your child numbers, letters and shapes.

Brush your Teeth Please
While helping all the animals brush their teeth, your children will learn the proper way to brush their own. A great aid in the development of dental hygiene. This hardbound book has clever pop-ups and activities on each of the double page spreads.

The Train with no Name
For ages 3-9, hard cover , 36 pages.
You don’t have to be big to be important! Meet a little track tester who proves this to be true. Your child climbs aboard and becomes the brave engineer who saves the travelling circus train from danger.

My Fishing Adventure
Your child enters a fishing contest and catches the biggest fish to win the contest.

Sibling Book
This unique story teaches your older child how to cope with the arrival of a new baby.

God’s Gifts to Me
This wonderful book explains God’s love to children with easy to understand text. The story covers all five senses as well as wisdom, forgiveness and prayer.

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