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GUARANTEED Safe, effective, non-toxic removal of head lice and their eggs in your home, school, day care/home care or organization.

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Our device provides a revolutionary new way to kill head lice without using pesticides or other chemicals.

It's safe, fast and highly effective in killing all stages of head lice & eggs (nits).

Lice detection service offered at schools and treatment done at our clinic or in the privacy of your home.


Products / Services

We are the ORIGINAL SA Lice Clinic - established in July 2011

Contact Nit-pickers for SAFE, EFFICIENT, CONVENIENT head lice treatment with the FDA-cleared LouseBuster™

Clinical studies have shown that the device, which uses a controlled amount of heated air, provides a very safe, fast and highly effective way to kill all stages of head lice – including lice eggs (nits).

  • No Pesticides, no chemicals
  • Kills head lice and their eggs!
  • Overall, more than 99% of eggs are dead after treatment by experienced users
  • A single 30-minute dry treatment
  • No water, shampoos, or sinks needed
  • Kid-friendly!
  • A disposable applicator tip is used for each treatment
  • Clinically tested – FDA cleared

Services offered:

  • School lice screening

    For a minimal fee, The Nit-pickers assist schools with a detection and intervention service. Our partnerships with schools involves an inspection of all students (pre-primary, primary and secondary school). Following detection a consultation service is arranged with parents including advice on treatment and preventative maintenance, from the child, to the home.  Each pupil receives a certificate stating that they are either clear, or infested.  All infested pupils are sent home and may only return to school with a clearance certificate.

  • Clinic treatments

    Bring your child or family for a once off 30 min treatment with the revolutionary LouseBuster™ and a comb out of dead lice & nits is all it takes. Treatments only done by professionally trained, certified LouseBuster™ technicians.

  • Mobile clinic

    We'll come to your home to do a treatment in privacy should you not want to come in to the lice clinic.

    Our Nit-pickers home care team will treat your couches, bedding, carpets, towels, clothing, brushes and even hair accessories as eradicating lice from the home is an essential part of treatment.

 Natural preventative products available following treatment.

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Shop U97, Republic Road
Brightwater Commons - Randburg

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Head Office Phone: 011 021 1324
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