Candice's Speech and Drama School Cape Town

Speech and drama classes for children aged 7 - adult.

Gardens/Bellville - Cape Town
Ages: (18+)(6-12)(13-17)
Call: Candice - 072 272 5623
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Why should your child go to Speech and Drama School?

  • Improves communication skills.
  • Aids in developing self-confidence through the use of team building.
  • Improves pronunciation.
  • Works at correcting bad posture.
  • Accent softening.
  • Explores creativity.
  • With the use of poetry and prose vocabulary will be expanded.
  • Last but not least it is Fun and Exciting!!

In my class we work towards an entry in The Cape Town Eisteddfod. With our main focus on entering an international exam with LAMDA. 

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About Candice

I have been involved in Speech and Drama for many years and have completed my teaching degree through the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) My belief is that people need to sound good my motto -Sound as Good as You look (also offer adult courses). People always tend to focus on their outward appearance and not on how they sound to other people.

My Speech and Drama school has been in existence for over 5 years in Cape Town. Providing after school lessons for children of all age groups. I offer group or private lessons at a reasonable rate per term.

I am also available to teach during the school day focusing on both theory and practical aspects of speech and drama fulfilling the drama side of the arts and cultural syllabus for schools.

I am affiliated with The London Academy of dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and annually I enter my pupils into their examinations providing the pupils with a focal point and outcomes based education whilst studying with me. They have annual examinations where by they send out examiners from London to examine entrants providing a benchmark to work from. I think that it is important to have something to work towards and the sense of fulfillment after these exams are remarkable. They also provide written reports as well as a certificate which is always good to add to your C.V. The LAMDA syllabus ranges from exams focusing on Poetry and prose to acting to oral communication. With each level aimed at specific focal points.

I have also created workshops for the school holidays which are not only fun but beneficial to any child who wishes not only to hone in on his/her craft but to develop confidence and work on oral communication skills.

With the use of poetry, games, movement and fun- I aim to improve ones voice, posture, and conversational skills.


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Gardens/Bellville - Cape Town

Business Days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Head Office Phone: 072 272 5623
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Gardens and Bellville

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